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Passion is to produce apps that many people enjoy using. We are progressing on this path by growing.

About Us

We find and analyse the idea, develop it or share with the outsource partner, publish and grow

As well as being an application publisher company for our own apps, we also work with app indie developers, designers to make new apps. It could be your ready app or we can give the idea which decided with market data. Reach us to learn more our publisher business model.


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Working Process

What Do We Do?

We are working for the best with the latest technology we use and our expert teammates!

Product Design & Management

We design the products with a customer-centric approach, where we also blend user needs with the business goals.

Analyse and Report

If you can not measure it, you cannot improve it. We'll help that data can be leveraged to the app scaling strategy.

Growth Management

Being flexible to adapt new channels, we maintain and manage all the user acquisition activities by controlling data sets and focusing on improving KPIs.

ASO & Marketing

We develop strategies to flourish organic installs by optimizing visibility and user conversion rates.

Our Works

Developing leading-edge
applications in the field

Muslim Assistant

Muslim Assistant

50M+ Total Downloads

Muslim Assistant is an islamic app where users can see qibla direction & daily prayer times, read Qur’an, make dhikrs.

Quran 360

Quran 360

Most innovative Quran app

Quran 360 brings the full Quran experience to your phone and smart devices.

Draw AI

Draw AI: Turn Sketch into Art

Watch your drawings come to life with AI

Draw AI is a fun and easy way to create amazing photos from your sketches.


AI Chat - Ask Alice Chatbot

Ask anything to Chatbot and get instant answers

You can also talk to anyone you can think of, thanks to Alice


Miracle: Baby Photo Editor

Magic background remover

Miracle is a baby photo editing app that uses various backdrops, fun fonts, hand-picked themes.


Alice - AI Art Generator

Visualize your words

Alice transforms your prompts and art style choices into stunning digital paintings.

The Services We Use

We make use of cutting-edge systems for high quality products.

We attach importance to data measurement and dissemination in all processes of the products we develop. We work with the best in the industry for this.